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Metacognitive Relational Narrative Therapy for Addressing Abusive Behaviour in Intimate Relationships

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Metacognitive Relational Narrative Therapy for Addressing Abusive Behaviour in Intimate Relationships


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Domestic violence is a serious public health problem responsible for significant psychological, financial and social costs. At its extreme, domestic violence results in loss of lives. While treatment approaches have evolved over time, research into therapeutic effectiveness often show inconsistent results irrespective of therapeutic orientation. The capacity to understand one’s own mental states as subjective and distinct from other’s is an important factor in the regulation of mental states and physiological arousal often associated with the perpetration of domestic violence.

Deficits in metacognitive capacity has been shown to be associated with high arousal states and acts of violence in clinical populations. Incorporating metacognition as part of a therapeutic intervention provides an opportunity to enhance contemporary approaches in the treatment of men who perpetrate domestic violence.

Learning objectives and outcomes

1. Explore the dynamics of domestic violent relationships
2. Understand contemporary theories of influence/causation
3. Understand limitations of contemporary approaches
4. Understand metacognition as it applies to domestic violence
5. Understand the rationale for a metacognitive, relational, narrative approach to domestic violence
6. Understand the impact of maladaptive interpersonal schemas on interactional contexts                                                                               

7. How to enhance metacognitive capacity
8. Skill development and experiential exercises to embed the theory in a practice framework

About the presenter

Dave is a Counselling Psychologist with over 35 years of experience in the field. He has managed one of Australia's largest counselling agencies and has held key advisory positions for both state and federal governments in Australia. As a member of the Queensland Domestic Violence Council, he contributed extensively to the development of policies and strategies to address domestic violence. He is a board-approved supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia.
With a focus on trauma, abuse, and violence, Dave has worked with individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds. He is currently conducting postgraduate research on incorporating metacognition in treatment approaches for men who use domestic violence. Dave has published a number of peer reviewed articles on the utilisation of metacognition in working with domestic violence. 

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